Keeping you safe

Enjoy an amazing event, but know we've got you covered.

We know that the safety of you, your family and your friends is important to you. We can tell you without hesitation that it's at the top of our list of concerns.


Here's what we're doing to ensure that you have a great night and that you're well looked after:

  1. Professional Event Security: This year, we've hired the pros. We're going to have 30 professional, licenced, event security guards at the event managing crowds, supporting with event logistics, keeping an eye out for safety risks and responding if required

  2. Dedicated Volunteer Team: We're going to be enlisting plenty of volunteers to work alongside the professionals who will be fully briefed in advance of the event and coordinated by a controller

  3. Medical Backup: We've hired Safe Savvy to be with us on the night, just in case anyone needs medical attention for any reason at all.

  4. Full Insurance: Of course, we hope we don't ever need it, but we're fully insured in case anything should crop up.